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Guthrie Residential & Business Directory

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"Guthrie, OK USA - West Oklahoma Ave" by MARELBU, used under CC BY / Cropped from original

"Guthrie, OK USA - West Oklahoma Ave" by MARELBU, used under CC BY / Cropped from original

Know Your Neighbor Free Find Friday

Know Your Neighbor Free Find Friday

Check this out. A gift certificate for a free appetizer from The Jungle. This also comes with a bag of cat food not pictured. Want to grabd this Free Find? This is what you need to do: 1 . Be a Logan county resident 2.SHARE TODAYS FACEBOOK VIDEO TO YOUR TIMELINE 3. Be one of 12 people to comment under this post that you want to be entered. We will draw names and notify the winners. Good luck😊

Comments 14 comments on "Know Your Neighbor Free Find Friday"

  • Racheal Canary

    Definitely need the cat food 🙂

  • Suzanne Orndorff

    Just got a cat!! Enter pleaseee

  • Renea Odom

    Me ✋✋✋ I want to be entered

  • Tonja Robinson

    Me please. I want to be entered

  • Bobbie Pace

    Enter me please! We have a little indoor male kitten and adult outdoor females!

  • Lisa Beuchaw

    Why can i not share anymore

  • Tammy Hamilton

    I have 2 cats, Daisy and Cali.

  • Steffanie McAnally

    Love watching the videos you put on Facebook. Please enter me!

  • grabd

    Sorry Ladies I’m a little late getting everything posted. I had a house to clean today so I’m running a little behind! Right now I have these people entered: Mary, Suzanne, Renea, Tonja, Bobbie, Steffanie and Lisa. Tammy and Mystia I need you to share the video on Facebook. If you have shared it and I’m just not seeing it please let me know because for some reason people aren’t getting the share option when they watch the video. Lisa, I did receive notice that you shared it so your good.

  • Kralynn Bermea

    Shared and posted a pic of my new puppies on here!!! Could really use the spay one!!!

  • Racheal Canary

    Dang forgot to say I wanted to be entered

  • Amanda Hickman

    Love cats!! I’m gonna be a crazy cat lady

  • grabd

    Racheal I need you to share the video from today on Facebook to your timeline then you will be entered!

  • Steffanie McAnally

    I did share it

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