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"Guthrie, OK USA - West Oklahoma Ave" by MARELBU, used under CC BY / Cropped from original

"Guthrie, OK USA - West Oklahoma Ave" by MARELBU, used under CC BY / Cropped from original



1. Her ears-When a dog's ears are hanging back with a lowered head, closed mouth and tight lips, it can mean she's mad.

2. He yawns- Yawning for dogs is a sign that they are beginning to get stressed, upset or agitated. Best to remove him from theĀ  situation.

3. She licks her lips when she hasn't been eating-Sometimes dogs will show they are mad or distressed by repeatedly licking their nose and lips.

4. He won't look you in they eye-A dog who is angry or upset may move away from thier owner, not make eye contact, leave the room or sleep in another area.

5. Her back and body go rigid and stiff-If you see this along with flattened ears and wide eyes it's best to stay far back because your dog is feels stressed, mad or even threatened.

6. His tail is tucked under his body-This usually means that your dog is on the defensive especially if you have scolded him. Dogs feel emotions like people and can also pout.

7. The whites of her eyes are showing-This indicates a high state of alertness and you should pay attention to see why she is upset.

8. He pees in your shoes-Dogs can be spiteful so if you upset them they will do something they know will get your attention showing you they are mad.

9. She tells you loudly-Dogs may not be able to use words but they can vocalize their displeasure by whining and whimpering

10. He growls-growling is a frequently misunderstood sign. It shows your dog is uncomfortable and upset. It's usually a warning that they want something to stop.

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  • Codi Canning

    Would love the dog food and certificate

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    Can’t screen shot but I’d love to have this for our Boomer boy…we love Guthrie pet hospital an foga

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    Has any o m e won the bags of food and annual vaccines

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    Idk how to post a pic to my comment

  • grabd

    Don’t worry about the pic. We’re just happy to have your comments! You are the first 4 to post so once one more person posts we will draw for it. We will have more vet packages to give away so if you don’t get it this time you might the next. If you scroll down the news feed there’s several items we havent given away yet that you could still enter the drawing.

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    Would love this!

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