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"Guthrie, OK USA - West Oklahoma Ave" by MARELBU, used under CC BY / Cropped from original

"Guthrie, OK USA - West Oklahoma Ave" by MARELBU, used under CC BY / Cropped from original

Did you know……

10 Every Day Items Dirtier Than a Toilet Seat

1. Cutting Board-these surfaces have more germs than the average toilet seat, and you've likely already touched at least one of them today

2. Your pet's food bowl-If your dog licks the toilet bowl, he's picking about 295 bacteria per square inch.  He also gobbles up about 2110 bacteria per square inch every time he licks his bowl.

3. Your clean laundry-a load of underwear will transfer at least 100 million E. coli bacteria-the culprit behind diarrhea-to the washing machine which can be a breeding ground that can contaminate other clothing

4. Your smart phone or tablet-A 2018 study from Initial Washroom Hygiene found that phones are more than six times dirtier than toilet seats. They found the average phone had 1479 bacteria "hot spots" compared to 220 on a toilet seat

5. Your carpet-About 200,000 bacteria live in each square inch of carpet including E.coli, staph and salmonella

6. Your kitchen cloth or sponge-Not only are these dirtier than your toilet seat, they're dirtier than any other item in your house. Sponges can contain up to 45 billion microbes per square centimeter and harbor the highest amounts of E.coli and fecal bacteria

7. Fridge  drawers- Refrigerator vegetable and meat compartments were the top two spots in the kitchen with the most disease causing microorganisms

8. Toothbrush holders- These were found to be the dirtiest items in the bathroom showing signs of coliform

9. TV Remote-The TV remote is very germy because anything that was on your hands is transferred to the remote. Not to mention, the remote sits on the couch and collects dust and grime can get stuck between the buttons

10. Your handbag-Researchers found that the average handbag is three times dirtier than an office toilet seat and handles carried the most bacteria.

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